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The slow death of a console generation

With Xbox One and PlayStation 4 being out for almost a year and a half and finally building up a suitable stock of games, the end of the previous generation is inevitable. However, I am every time surprised how slow this death is actually taking place. For me, this is always a great time to process my backlog of games, pick up some bargains and salute the console in some weird mix of sentimental and cheerful nostalgia.

Always a late adopter

First of all I have to come clean about my console buying habits in general. Starting already at the end of the lifespan of the PlayStation 1, consoles became only the secondary platform for me. My number one, by far, is my PC, which is almost always top notch. This preference led to the fact that I got very, very late to the PlayStation 2 party. When I look at my game collection from that console it’s a valid question why I bought it even at all. But I know the answer, and it’s Final Fantasy of course. When I bought it, both, Final Fantasy X and XII were already available, so yes, it was really that late! But in the end I couldn’t resist as I still was a huge fan of the series who just forgot about it at that time.

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